CIRC 2017

Role: Pres­i­dent
Nation­al­i­ty: Domini­can Republic
Lan­guages: Span­ish, Eng­lish, and learn­ing Swedish!

Rosa Anali Guzman Molina

Hej new Chalmerist!
You can always call me Anali, I’m from San­to Domin­go, Domini­can Repub­lic, but I con­sid­er myself a cit­i­zen of the world.
#caribbeanin­swe­den #whatarey­oudo­inghere #some­time­s­is­freez­ing
I have a bach­e­lor in archi­tect and I’m cur­rent­ly study­ing a mas­ter in Inter­na­tion­al Project Man­age­ment at Chalmers. If I need to tell you more about me, I’m a real­ly curi­ous and con­sid­er myself a dream­er (some­times is bad when you are doing it on the day­light). Also, prob­a­bly the first thing I will say to you is: I’m a hug­ger! So feel free to come by when you need a hug. You will find me par­ty­ing a lot, but I think what I real­ly like is hang­ing out with peo­ple. I also enjoy cook­ing but is for the same rea­sons because I’m nor­mal­ly lazy to cook for myself.
This is my sec­ond year at CIRC and it have been quite an inter­est­ing and fun expe­ri­ence so far. Some­thing that I love about being in CIRC, is to feel the con­nec­tion with every­one, even if we come from dif­fer­ent places, and also to help the new stu­dents to feel at home in their new one. Trav­el­ling is one of my pas­sions, which I try to make often so if you want to go some­where new, count me in. Enjoy your time at Chalmers and in Gothen­burg, Swe­den. I’m look­ing for­ward to meet you all.

Role: Vice-Pres­i­dent
Nation­al­i­ty: Indian
Lan­guages: Eng­lish, Tamil, lit­tle of Hin­di and Swedish

Vigneshwaran P Vijeyakumar

Don’t scold me for such a drag­ging name and arriv­ing there at Swe­den they bartered into *VICKEY*. Quite easy to remem­ber. I hold a bach­e­lor in Mechan­i­cal Engi­neer­ing and with a curios­i­ty I joined my mas­ters. I am basi­cal­ly a sim­ple, adjust­ing and fun lov­ing per­son, whom oth­ers con­sid­er as sin­cere and friend­ly too. But they also con­sid­er me as mod­est, and I don’t know whether I am all this. I´m a good lis­ten­er, so will allow peo­ple to talk and I remain mum. I real­ly enjoy cook­ing and if you love Indi­an Spicy food you are always wel­come. My exhor­ta­tion to new peo­ple spec­u­la­tion are, learn Swedish, build a social sys­tem and fur­ther­more be inspired. It aides to fig­ure out the lan­guage. I accept, it may be fun­da­men­tal to con­form your desires of the present cir­cum­stance, despite the fact that vast major­i­ty indi­vid­u­als talk ben­e­fi­cial English.
I arrived here at Swe­den on August 17 th 2016 and I still can’t for­get those days-the Yel­low T‑Shits wait­ing ear­ly in the morn­ing with eager to wel­come an obscure per­snick­ety. And the wel­come week was very use­ful for me and that too in a new place, new coun­try. Where ever I turn, I saw the name CIRC, CIRC. And some­thing tick my head U SHOULD BE IN CIRC next year help­ing these guys. And yeah,so I am here to help you fel­low CHALMERIST.
Wel­come to Göteborg.

Role: Web Manager
Nation­al­i­ty: Indian
Lan­guages: Eng­lish, wenig German,Telugu Kan­na­da, Hin­di och lite Svenska

Abhishek Makam

Poke­mon!! Let’s GO! \m/, . I LIKE (read love) TRUCKS. Web­mas­ter at CIRC and in my free time, pur­su­ing Mas­ter’s in Auto­mo­tive Engi­neer­ing (Well, it’s sup­posed to be the oth­er way around.…) I come from Ban­ga­lore (a name you will hear more than you think) , India. I enjoy eat­ing more than cook­ing, love play­ing bas­ket­ball, cycling and swim­ming. Clas­sic rock in the back­ground while hang­ing out with friends with some beer is the ide­al set­ting you will find me in. I have lived in Swe­den for about 4 months now and I absolute­ly love how they say ‘Näs­ta : Sahlgren­s­ka Huvu­den­tré’ in the tram. If you want to know more about any­thing I have writ­ten above, you can always come up and talk to me. You can tag along with me for a free tour of Gothen­burg whilst enjoy­ing great com­pa­ny. Click Here to see some­thing interesting !!!

Role:Communication man­ag­er
Nation­al­i­ty: Romanian
Lan­guages: Roman­ian, Russ­ian, Ital­ian, English

Gheorghe Maleca

Hi every­one!
My name is Ghe­o­rghe and I come from Roma­nia. Before com­ing to Swe­den I made my bach­e­lor in sci­ence of archi­tec­ture in Venice, Italy. At Chalmers I’m enrolled in a mas­ter pro­gramme Design for Sus­tain­able Devel­op­ment with­in the archi­tec­ture depart­ment. I like meet­ing new peo­ple and mak­ing new friends. I am pas­sion­ate about pho­tog­ra­phy and more pre­cise­ly, about land­scape and night pho­tog­ra­phy. If you have any ques­tions I can help with don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact me.
Wish you all great time at Chalmers and excit­ing new experiences!

Role: Trea­sur­er
Nation­al­i­ty: Swedish
Lan­guages: Swedish, Eng­lish, Span­ish (un poquito)

Erik Sievers

Hej hej och välkom­na till Göte­borg, I’m Erik the trea­sur­er and con­se­quent­ly the guy who makes it rain (not like you’ll get enough of that as it is though #gbg). I’m the board’s res­i­dent swede, born and raised around Jönköping. I sort of fin­ished my bachelor’s in com­put­er sci­ence here at Chalmers last spring and am now a stu­dent over at the master’s pro­gramme in com­put­er sci­ence — algo­rithms, lan­guages and log­ic. I’ve com­piled these two handy lists for you:
Things I like: climb­ing, peo­ple who can cook, stroh, å, ä, ö and lists
Things I dis­like: bäsk, hair and tuna
If you also don’t like bäsk and feel like you need to talk about it, I’m here for you. I’m also here if you want to climb, have some stroh, com­plain about Vis­ma or just share some ban­ter. Also, fair warn­ing: there’s a pret­ty good chance I’ll either con­fus­ing­ly stare at you or just walk past you if I run into you on cam­pus. I’m real­ly, real­ly bad at remem­ber­ing faces :/

Role: Event Manager
Nation­al­i­ty: China
Lan­guages: English

Zihui Wang

Hey, I am Fay(Zihui), I come from Chi­na, the event man­ag­er of CIRC. I am a out­go­ing girl who like fresh things, and I seem to be curi­ous about every­thing… I enjoy talk with oth­ers, make new friends and have big meals with friends, although I am not good at cook­ing, I am a good food­ie <3. I enjoy social life a lot, but when I stay alone, I will also do some qui­et things, like lit­er­a­ture, old movies and some­thing like that.
CIRC is real­ly a warm fam­i­ly, every­one is so nice and open mind­ed!! I hope you have a great time dur­ing the first week at chalmers (as I did last peri­od). In fact, the first per­son I met is a CIRCer at the first day I came to Swe­den. You can start your friend­ship there and meet peo­ple from all over the world!!And there are a lot of inter­est­ing events wait for you!!

Role: Phad­der Manager
Nation­al­i­ty: Indian
Lan­guages: Eng­lish, Kan­na­da, Malayalam

Tejas Chandran

Hej Hej! The name is Chan­dran, Tejas Chandran.
Ok! Ok! I know it prob­a­bly doesn’t sound as smooth as when Sean Con­nery or Pierce Bros­nan pull of a “Bond, James Bond.” I come from Ban­ga­lore, India, have done my Bachelor’s in Mechan­i­cal Engi­neer­ing and am cur­rent­ly study­ing Auto­mo­tive Engineering.
CIRC had organ­ised an amaz­ing wel­come when I arrived at Göte­borg. So impressed was I that I decid­ed at that moment I would love to be a part of this team that makes every new, inter­na­tion­al stu­dent feel at home from the moment they step foot into Sweden.
Some gen­er­al things about me: I love food, love to try­ing to cook new things. I love play­ing foot­ball and am pret­ty much game for any sport under the sun. I enjoy play­ing video games too! I like to con­sid­er myself a good lis­ten­er, and of course, you’re always wel­come to talk to me should you have any prob­lems dur­ing your time here in Sweden.

Role: ESN Event Manager
Nation­al­i­ty: Bangladeshi
Lan­guages: Eng­lish, Bangla, French (Basic), Hin­di (Basic)

Sudipta Saha

Nomoskar!!! Beau­ti­ful people 😀
This is Sudip­ta Saha but the Chalmerist can call me as “Saha”. I’m from Bangladesh in fact from the cap­i­tal, Dha­ka. I came here in Gothen­burg in August, twen­ty six­teen and from that very first day I fell in love with this beau­ti­ful city. Trust me from that day; my life has changed not only because of Chalmers but also because of CIRC ;). Basi­cal­ly I work as an ESN project Co-ordi­na­tor or ESN events man­ag­er but I like to call myself as a damager…haha…. I’m very much glad to be a mem­ber of CIRC and ESN as it helps me to con­nect peo­ple across the World. I like to make friends and love to make them happy.
Besides, dri­ving is my pas­sion and I love to trav­el. I’m not that much good in cook­ing but I can sur­vive myself 😛 By the way for­got to men­tion that, I had my Bach­e­lors from Indus­tri­al and Pro­duc­tion Engi­neer­ing and from here in Chalmers I’m doing my Master’s pro­gram in Qual­i­ty and Oper­a­tions Management.
I hope that you all the extra ordi­nary peo­ple will have the best expe­ri­ence here in Chalmers and can make the best use of it. If you need any type of assis­tance or if you see any con­fu­sion we are always there for you.

Role: ESN Local Representative
Nation­al­i­ty: French
Lan­guages: French, Span­ish, English

Guillaume Minot

Hej every­one !
My name is Guil­laume (some can say it cor­rect­ly, many can’t, it’s fine, find me a nick­name if you want).
I am from France, and I am study­ing cours­es from the Sus­tain­able ener­gy systems.
I will be the ESN Local Rep­re­sen­ta­tive for CIRC: because one uni­ver­si­ty full of stu­dents is not enough, I want to oper­ate on the whole coun­try (and soon … The World !!!).
I hope every­one have lots of fun here at Chalmers, remem­ber to enjoy your time, to be open, to meet new peo­ple and every­thing will be fine ! (For your leisures. CIRC can’t help you if you have too much work going on, sor­ry. Well, we can help you for­get about it. CIRC is not respon­si­ble for intox­i­ca­tion due to want­i­ng to for­get about your workload.)”

Role: Project Coordinator
Nation­al­i­ty: Indian
Lan­guages: Eng­lish, Hindi,Urdu, French, lite Svenska

Tasmiya Shaikh

My name is Tas­miya but you can call me Tazz ‑like the car­toon char­ac­ter. I come from the par­ty state of Goa in India, but was brought up in Abu Dhabi, UAE — Home to Fer­rari World and the fastest roller coast­er. I have been in Chalmers for quite some­time now and I absolute­ly love it. As to what I study here, think of the coolest stuff that you could study.….…I study Rock­et Sci­ence… lit­er­al­ly.. :-D. I am doing my mas­ter’s in Wire­less, Pho­ton­ics and Space Engi­neer­ing, so if you ever feel like hav­ing a dis­cus­sion about any of those topics…FIND ME!
Apart from my amaz­ing course, I like cats, read­ing, stargaz­ing with my tele­scope, Har­ry Pot­ter, gen­er­al facts and most importantly..I love to cook! This is why I am every­ones favourite per­son 😉 #foodal­wayswins.
Swe­den is the coun­try of my dreams..the land­scapes, the peo­ple, the kanel­bullars, the desserts.. every­thing is awe­some!— Except—the weath­er… CIRC is a warm, wel­com­ing fam­i­ly. We will be your first friends in Swe­den and we will show you how to party 😀
Välkom­men till Sverige och Göte­borg! Hope you find it as amaz­ing as I do.