CIRC 2017

Role: President
Nationality: Dominican Republic
Languages: Spanish, English, and learning Swedish!

Rosa Anali Guzman Molina

Hej new Chalmerist!
You can always call me Anali, I’m from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but I consider myself a citizen of the world.
#caribbeaninsweden #whatareyoudoinghere #sometimesisfreezing
I have a bachelor in architect and I’m currently studying a master in International Project Management at Chalmers. If I need to tell you more about me, I’m a really curious and consider myself a dreamer (sometimes is bad when you are doing it on the daylight). Also, probably the first thing I will say to you is: I’m a hugger! So feel free to come by when you need a hug. You will find me partying a lot, but I think what I really like is hanging out with people. I also enjoy cooking but is for the same reasons because I’m normally lazy to cook for myself.
This is my second year at CIRC and it have been quite an interesting and fun experience so far. Something that I love about being in CIRC, is to feel the connection with everyone, even if we come from different places, and also to help the new students to feel at home in their new one. Travelling is one of my passions, which I try to make often so if you want to go somewhere new, count me in. Enjoy your time at Chalmers and in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m looking forward to meet you all.

Role: Vice-President
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English, Tamil, little of Hindi and Swedish

Vigneshwaran P Vijeyakumar

Don’t scold me for such a dragging name and arriving there at Sweden they bartered into *VICKEY*. Quite easy to remember. I hold a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and with a curiosity I joined my masters. I am basically a simple, adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. But they also consider me as modest, and I don’t know whether I am all this. I´m a good listener, so will allow people to talk and I remain mum. I really enjoy cooking and if you love Indian Spicy food you are always welcome. My exhortation to new people speculation are, learn Swedish, build a social system and furthermore be inspired. It aides to figure out the language. I accept, it may be fundamental to conform your desires of the present circumstance, despite the fact that vast majority individuals talk beneficial English.
I arrived here at Sweden on August 17 th 2016 and I still can’t forget those days-the Yellow T-Shits waiting early in the morning with eager to welcome an obscure persnickety. And the welcome week was very useful for me and that too in a new place, new country. Where ever I turn, I saw the name CIRC, CIRC. And something tick my head U SHOULD BE IN CIRC next year helping these guys. And yeah,so I am here to help you fellow CHALMERIST.
Welcome to Göteborg.

Role: Web Manager
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English, wenig German,Telugu Kannada, Hindi och lite Svenska

Abhishek Makam

Pokemon!! Let’s GO! \m/, . I LIKE (read love) TRUCKS. Webmaster at CIRC and in my free time, pursuing Master’s in Automotive Engineering (Well, it’s supposed to be the other way around….) I come from Bangalore (a name you will hear more than you think) , India. I enjoy eating more than cooking, love playing basketball, cycling and swimming. Classic rock in the background while hanging out with friends with some beer is the ideal setting you will find me in. I have lived in Sweden for about 4 months now and I absolutely love how they say ‘Nästa : Sahlgrenska Huvudentré’ in the tram. If you want to know more about anything I have written above, you can always come up and talk to me. You can tag along with me for a free tour of Gothenburg whilst enjoying great company. Click Here to see something interesting !!!

Role:Communication manager
Nationality: Romanian
Languages: Romanian, Russian, Italian, English

Gheorghe Maleca

Hi everyone!
My name is Gheorghe and I come from Romania. Before coming to Sweden I made my bachelor in science of architecture in Venice, Italy. At Chalmers I’m enrolled in a master programme Design for Sustainable Development within the architecture department. I like meeting new people and making new friends. I am passionate about photography and more precisely, about landscape and night photography. If you have any questions I can help with don’t hesitate to contact me.
Wish you all great time at Chalmers and exciting new experiences!

Role: Treasurer
Nationality: Swedish
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish (un poquito)

Erik Sievers

Hej hej och välkomna till Göteborg, I’m Erik the treasurer and consequently the guy who makes it rain (not like you’ll get enough of that as it is though #gbg). I’m the board’s resident swede, born and raised around Jönköping. I sort of finished my bachelor’s in computer science here at Chalmers last spring and am now a student over at the master’s programme in computer science – algorithms, languages and logic. I’ve compiled these two handy lists for you:
Things I like: climbing, people who can cook, stroh, å, ä, ö and lists
Things I dislike: bäsk, hair and tuna
If you also don’t like bäsk and feel like you need to talk about it, I’m here for you. I’m also here if you want to climb, have some stroh, complain about Visma or just share some banter. Also, fair warning: there’s a pretty good chance I’ll either confusingly stare at you or just walk past you if I run into you on campus. I’m really, really bad at remembering faces :/

Role: Event Manager
Nationality: China
Languages: English

Zihui Wang

Hey, I am Fay(Zihui), I come from China, the event manager of CIRC. I am a outgoing girl who like fresh things, and I seem to be curious about everything… I enjoy talk with others, make new friends and have big meals with friends, although I am not good at cooking, I am a good foodie <3. I enjoy social life a lot, but when I stay alone, I will also do some quiet things, like literature, old movies and something like that.
CIRC is really a warm family, everyone is so nice and open minded!! I hope you have a great time during the first week at chalmers (as I did last period). In fact, the first person I met is a CIRCer at the first day I came to Sweden. You can start your friendship there and meet people from all over the world!!And there are a lot of interesting events wait for you!!

Role: Phadder Manager
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English, Kannada, Malayalam

Tejas Chandran

Hej Hej! The name is Chandran, Tejas Chandran.
Ok! Ok! I know it probably doesn’t sound as smooth as when Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan pull of a “Bond, James Bond.” I come from Bangalore, India, have done my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and am currently studying Automotive Engineering.
CIRC had organised an amazing welcome when I arrived at Göteborg. So impressed was I that I decided at that moment I would love to be a part of this team that makes every new, international student feel at home from the moment they step foot into Sweden.
Some general things about me: I love food, love to trying to cook new things. I love playing football and am pretty much game for any sport under the sun. I enjoy playing video games too! I like to consider myself a good listener, and of course, you’re always welcome to talk to me should you have any problems during your time here in Sweden.

Role: ESN Event Manager
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Languages: English, Bangla, French (Basic), Hindi (Basic)

Sudipta Saha

Nomoskar!!! Beautiful people 😀
This is Sudipta Saha but the Chalmerist can call me as “Saha”. I’m from Bangladesh in fact from the capital, Dhaka. I came here in Gothenburg in August, twenty sixteen and from that very first day I fell in love with this beautiful city. Trust me from that day; my life has changed not only because of Chalmers but also because of CIRC ;). Basically I work as an ESN project Co-ordinator or ESN events manager but I like to call myself as a damager…haha…. I’m very much glad to be a member of CIRC and ESN as it helps me to connect people across the World. I like to make friends and love to make them happy.
Besides, driving is my passion and I love to travel. I’m not that much good in cooking but I can survive myself 😛 By the way forgot to mention that, I had my Bachelors from Industrial and Production Engineering and from here in Chalmers I’m doing my Master’s program in Quality and Operations Management.
I hope that you all the extra ordinary people will have the best experience here in Chalmers and can make the best use of it. If you need any type of assistance or if you see any confusion we are always there for you.

Role: ESN Local Representative
Nationality: French
Languages: French, Spanish, English

Guillaume Minot

Hej everyone !
My name is Guillaume (some can say it correctly, many can’t, it’s fine, find me a nickname if you want).
I am from France, and I am studying courses from the Sustainable energy systems.
I will be the ESN Local Representative for CIRC: because one university full of students is not enough, I want to operate on the whole country (and soon … The World !!!).
I hope everyone have lots of fun here at Chalmers, remember to enjoy your time, to be open, to meet new people and everything will be fine ! (For your leisures. CIRC can’t help you if you have too much work going on, sorry. Well, we can help you forget about it. CIRC is not responsible for intoxication due to wanting to forget about your workload.)”

Role: Project Coordinator
Nationality: Indian
Languages: English, Hindi,Urdu, French, lite Svenska

Tasmiya Shaikh

My name is Tasmiya but you can call me Tazz -like the cartoon character. I come from the party state of Goa in India, but was brought up in Abu Dhabi, UAE – Home to Ferrari World and the fastest roller coaster. I have been in Chalmers for quite sometime now and I absolutely love it. As to what I study here, think of the coolest stuff that you could study……..I study Rocket Science… literally.. :-D. I am doing my master’s in Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering, so if you ever feel like having a discussion about any of those topics…FIND ME!
Apart from my amazing course, I like cats, reading, stargazing with my telescope, Harry Potter, general facts and most importantly..I love to cook! This is why I am everyones favourite person 😉 #foodalwayswins.
Sweden is the country of my dreams..the landscapes, the people, the kanelbullars, the desserts.. everything is awesome!— Except—the weather… CIRC is a warm, welcoming family. We will be your first friends in Sweden and we will show you how to party 😀
Välkommen till Sverige och Göteborg! Hope you find it as amazing as I do.